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Heyヽ(◕ヮ◕)ノ *:✧

Happy to show you my new review <3
As you should've read already, 
it's about the Judy Hopps (Zootopia) cosplay I recieved from my favorite Agent !

   Shop Bhiner

"You've found the perfect item with the perfect price from Taobao, 
but u don't understand a single word since it's all in chinese ?
I have the perfect solution for you - 
Bhiner !"

For those who still haven't heard of Bhiner, there's this great shop called Taobao which sells costumes, wigs, etc..
Since Taobao doesn't have an English version, there are English Agents such as Bhiner.
All you need to do is submit the link of the item to them and let them quote and buy it for you!

I really recommend working with them (*^ヮ^*) since they're super kind and reliable~ They've never disappointed me.

But let's go on to the sponsored item !
Bhiner was so kind to sponsor me my Judy cosplay,

including the wig, 2 pairs of ears, the top, a protection vest, trousers, protective sleeves, kneepadsbelt with the seen bagsbadge, shoes and the carrot recorder pen.

Here is a photo I recieved beforehand:

Everything was properly packed and arrived well and fast !

I had to try it on right away <3

After holding the package in my hands,

(For some reason I totally forgot to take selfies with the wig on > x < shame on me..)

As seen in this photo, it fit me really well~

And once again I'm in love with the quality !

It's neatly sewn and absolutely satisfies my expectations.

Same goes for the wig,

it is super soft and thick (╯3╰)

The following photos were all taken by Happy Berry Photography
My favorite shot first <3

Once again a biig thank you to Bhiner! (。^‿‿^。) you rock !
It's my second time working with them and once again I'm super happy with the outcome <3

Let me show you a few more photos:

I Hope you enjoyed my review,
thanks for reading and have a nice day > u <

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