Uniqso - Barbie Luxury 3 Tones Green 

Hello everyone!

It's my first time posting a review, and I'll start with the

Barbie Luxury 3 Tones Green from Uniqso.

I chose them since the design instantly caught my eye.

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My natural eye-color is a greyish-blue. I was a bit doubtful,
 wether green lenses would look good on my eyes. And since I've never tried out this brand before, I wasn't sure if the color was going to be 'too' vibrant. But they turned out pretty good ! The design is pretty and they blended in with my real eye color. As in comfort, they're really comfortable to wear. Still, I try to wear them less than 8 hours as recommended.

They're 16,2mm big, which means they'll enlarge your eyes really well ! I'd recommend to wear makeup. At least in my case, I look weird without any makeup.
Anyway, here are pictures of me wearing the lenses !

The shipping was super fast, and to sum everything up, I'm overjoyed !!

That's it for this review, I really hope you enjoyed !
Don't forget to check out Uniqso (*' v '*)/ BYE ~

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