KLensPop - Review 

Hello again! 
This time I'll be reviewing a pair of lenses from Klenspop
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I wasn't home for a week, so I'm not sure about the exact amount of time it took the lenses to arrive.
But it was still within that week, so it was fast!
As shown on the photo below, the lenses came in this little package with the manual on its back.

With the lenses, I also received a lens case & a small plastic tweezer.
The only thing you'll have to buy is lens solution.

I actually love blue lenses on my eyes, so I was looking forward to test these ones.
And I'm impressed, I never Imagined them to look this good.

They're 14mm big, comfortable to wear and also blend in perfectly with my real eye color.

And finally a photo of me wearing the lenses! 

Don't forget to check out Klenspop!
See you in my next post, BYE~

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