KLensPop - Review 

Today I'll review two pairs of contact lenses from Klenspop
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Because of the postal strike it took about 2 weeks for the lenses to arrive.
They came in these two cute packages with the manual on its back.

 With the lenses, you'd also recieve a lens case & a small plastic tweezer.
I already recieved one so it wasn't necessary to get another one!

The only thing left to buy is lens solution.

I was nervous, since I never tested this kind of lenses before.
First off I must say that the lenses are very natural, not very noticeable.
But they still do a great job on enlargening my eyes!
So if there are days where you want to make your eyes pop out, for example on dates or partys, 
I can really recommend to use them!

In my case I can also use them to cosplay characters with grey eyes.

The lenses are 14,1mm big.
What I really like about them is how soft and comfortable they are.
Still, I try to wear them less than 8 hours as recommended!

Here is a full face photo of wearing the lenses!

Don't forget to check out Klenspop!
See you in my next post, BYE~

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